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hen you notice that attractive stranger “across a crowded room” (as the song says), you’d better make sure that person notices — or your potential love story may have a very different ending.You see, each time you enter a new social situation there’s a chance that you’ll potentially meet The One.Are you pretty good at maintaining a balanced social life, or do you frequently flip-flop between trying to find love and hiding from it? Dating can definitely make you feel vulnerable, no doubt.But the people who are most successful are not the ones who dip a toe in the proverbial dating pool and then dash for cover after a single meeting.Consistency is the key to finding your match — in much the same way that eating just the right amount keeps your body weight steady over time.With that in mind, we decided to take a look at some of the traits that could indicate you’ve got “yo-yo dater” tendencies.

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“Also check and see if your date puts forks and knives in the four o’clock position when he or she is through with the meal,” suggests Faye Rogaski, founder of which holds classes for children and adults in NYC and Westchester on modern-day manners and etiquette.Off come the winter layers, and the birds and bees begin to arrive.Are you ready to capture a bit of that spring fever and apply it to your dating life? Spring is the perfect time to re-up your commitment to finding love, and refreshing your profile is a great place last year, the ones that look more current — not just in their levels of activity, but also in their content — may get renewed interest from other singles online.In other words, someone who passed you over last season may suddenly find his or her interest piqued by your profile tweaks. For example, you could say: ‘Now that spring is here, I’m looking forward to logging a few more miles on the treadmill.Try some of these tips to spruce up your online persona — and then fling yourself into dating this spring: “Doesn’t springtime give you a nudge on your personal goals — things like getting more exercise, taking a class, or actually trying to read the books you’re supposed to for book club? If you’d like to do the same, why not join me for a walk along the lakefront?Here’s why: If you spend the whole time at an event standing in the corner talking only to friends, well…


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