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sapphires (all colors), silverware; wood and decorative home accents, 6. lapis, leather; pottery, china, glass or crystal, 10. turquoise, fashion jewelry and accessories; steel, 12.

jade, pearl or colored gems; linen, nylon, silk, 13.

I pray that your loveliness comes from a Christ-filled countenance and a heart full of compassion and kindness. That all your fears and insecurites are driven away in the face of the Prince of peace, and that peace will rule your heart and mind.

I pray you look at every heartache and heartbreak as a means of molding you into the woman who will completely dazzle me.

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diamond jubilee; diamonds and diamond-like stones, gold, Birthstones Word List January = garnet February = amethyst March = aquamarine April = diamond May = emerald June = pearl, alexandrite July = ruby August = peridot September = sapphire October = opal, tourmaline November = topaz December = turquoise, zircon, tanzanite more than 685 word lists.

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