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Ultimate victory comes through a single Seed of the woman, who crushes the serpent’s head, at the same time suffering a deadly bite to the heel. Chapter 12 of Revelation portrays the whole sweet of the drama from its origin in heaven, to Satan’s attack on Jesus, through the persecutions of the Dark Ages, until the final conflict at the time of the end.Throughout the Bible a pure “woman” is a symbol of God’s true church while a harlot represents a corrupt church. She is said to be “clothed with the sun,” the glory of the gospel of Christ, and have “the moon under her feet,” the reflected glory of Christ as foreshadowed in the Old Testament sanctuary services and rituals. The “crown of twelve stars” represents the twelve apostles.Augustine labeled her "the devil's accomplice." Calvin called her "a diabolical fury." And the contemporary understanding of Job's wife hasn't improved on Calvin or Augustine.

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These are great questions to ask with some heartfelt soul searching.

For conscientious people who serve out of compassion and calling, when you have a sense of duty, you know the church needs you, and you really want to help, how do you know when it's time to move on?

Through 30 years of ministry, both in staff positions and volunteer roles, I've faced this question several times in my life: ?

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