Dating weaving shuttle

Learn to weave in a private weaving studio located in the beautiful Medonte Hills, in Mt. Class instruction is adapted to suit the participants. You may also choose to arrange for a weekend workshop with your own group of friends. The studio is user-friendly, with no stairs at the entrance and a wide-door washroom on the same level.

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Since borders often appear on both sides of the saris, each Kanchipuram sari requires three shuttles.

This video was filmed during the Blocks and Profiles workshop, November 2010.

TEANAUSTAYE STUDIO CLASS SCHEDULE 2016-2017 WEAVING BASICS I - If you have never woven cloth on a loom before, this course is for you.

While Tamil Nadu has a number of weaving traditions, and a history of handloom weaving dating back to the Sangam period, the weaving centre produces those of the Kanchipuram tradition.

These silk saris require intricate weaving methods and a large investment of time by weavers.


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