Dating vintage helbros watches

I am really looking forward to starting to collecting watches. Helbros watch (the lady at the store said she thought it was a 21 jewels and the lady who donated it said it needed a spring).

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The online version (above) also provides dates for Style Numbers as far back as 1925.

Benrus watch (lady said it was a 7 jewel from the 1940's and it will not wind either but I can also change the time on this one). katie They look like they probably are both from the 40s and the forum rules prohibit value discussion on these boards, but you can post the on the "What's it's worth" board for a fee to get them appraised if you like.

Women's watches are rarely if ever worth more than the value of their case materials, I'm afraid.

Unfortunately, I cannot find anything on either of them online, not even a year.

I have experience in other vintage item collecting, but have no idea about watches and when I was at the vintage thrift store today, these two watches caught my eye.


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