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Having found out that my web site was published in this book (page 200) ~ without any notification ~ I was intrigued to see what Mr. When I was able to sit down and take a good look at the contents I discovered that the information inside was very useful for those exploring relationships on the Internet.

Science for All Americans This chapter focuses on benchmarks that address the development of student understanding of selected episodes in the history of science.

Palaeontological evidence from the Western region of Abu Dhabi Emirate, where fossilized bones of elephants, giraffes, hippos, crocodiles, rhinos, turtles and other mammals, belonging to the Upper Miocene (6-8 million years ago), as well as the discovery of traces of ancient rivers, indicate that the landscape of Abu Dhabi was quite different in the past prior to the arrival of early human populations.

The first data on the archaeology and ancient history of the UAE came from the investigations of a Danish team on the island of Umm an-Nar in 1959.

How difficult would it be to take a copy of the web page and it's own authors words and publish it? Schwartz feels he has the right to copyright the book and say that it's contents cannot be reproduced. Overall -- the basic Idea of the book and it's contents are terrific, but this reviewer wishes the author would have put more of his own thoughts and work into it.

Times have changed and so should online free personals.


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