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"Spring of senior year, I brought a disposable camera with me everywhere.

With the prospect of graduation and university coming up soon, everyone was a little more wild and spontaneous than their usual selves. " said Kristen Pye, HC Contributing Writer and a student at Mc Gill University.

Students carrying over high school relationships into college may be bucking the odds, but it hasn’t stopped them from trying.

But because you aren’t together all the time anymore, you have to be able to come to terms with the fact that you won’t know every move he makes or every girl he talks to.

We recently asked Huff Post readers who married their high school sweethearts to share their stories, and were stunned by just how many submissions we received.

“We could always talk to each other, and laugh at each other’s jokes, laugh at each other’s idiosyncrasies.

Walking up to the podium to accept your diploma, you imagine your life next year -– freedom from your parents, beautiful college campuses, joining Greek life.


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