Dating over xbox live

The site launched publicly on September 28, 2010, the same day it presented as a finalist at San Francisco's Tech Crunch Disrupt Game Crush is different than most social gaming sites in that Game Crush credits can be used to buy and give gifts that hold real world value.While messaging and requesting a game are free, it is considered a nice gesture to offer a gift when requesting a game to someone new (or as co-founder Eric Strasser puts it, "much like buying a drink for someone in a bar").This guy has managed to beat Ray's score and is currently champion of the Xbox Live Gamerscore domain.However, the big difference between Stephen and Ray is that, according to Xbox Achievements staff, Stephen is already happily married with a kid, so he doesn't have the weight of being a newlywed hovering over his head, nor does he have to worry about dating life like all those young studs out there trying to juggle their Gamerscore and their personal life.Well, the gamer who had that top honor just lost it, and his response to losing out is quite hilarious.Ray "Stallion83" Cox posted the Twitter response under the announcement made by the Xbox Live Achievements enthusiast account, which noted that "someone has passed Stallion83's 1.5 million-odd Gamerscore".

Business Week wrote an article describing Game Crush as "part social network, part online dating site, and a lot of Grand Theft Auto." The same article revealed the founders to be Eric Strasser, David Good, and Anees Iqbal.Seeing as how OG Xbox is coming to backward compatibility, they may have finally pushed me over the threshold.Wario64 [Twitter]Plucked right from the DToid community (formerly King Sigy), Peter is an aspiring writer with a passion for gaming and fitness.I don't even own an Xbox One and I'm going to nab this, so that says something..I'm honestly a bit surprised Microsoft is being so generous, though I suppose they are trying to get people to buy a new console with this incentive.Game Crush was a website where gamers meet, match and play a variety of video games including console, flash-based casual, and PC based.


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