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Most of the hostility targets young male asylum-seekers from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, who make up the majority of the migrants reshaping Germany.Arranged marriages are not new, nor are they exclusive to Muslims.

Traditionally, Islamic law makes allowances for interfaith marriages only in the case of a Muslim man marrying a Christian or Jewish woman.

A Qur’anic reference is Chapter 5, Verse 5: “This day are (all) good things made lawful for you.

DORTMUND, Germany -- Migrants looking for love in Germany are in luck: Horst Wenzel, dubbed Germany’s “Mr.

I want to take this to the next level and I have a feeling she does too (although, like everyone else, i have been wrong about this before! The problem is that she is a Muslim and I am white non-religious.

She did say that she would be open to eventually marrying a white person and doesn't seem to be overly religious (i.e.


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