Dating micro mosaic brooches

Feel free to send a wish list of charms that you'd like and I'll search my collection to see if they are available.I'll email photos for your approval and create a private gallery for you on this site where you can shop at your convenience or I'd be happy to send a Pay Pal invoice.The glass tiles are very small and portray the scene with almost no interruption with the face of the brooch completely smooth...a small work of art!We pride ourselves in bringing you some of the best antique Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco jewelry and retro chic.An antique Italian micro mosaic brooch illustrating the round Temple of Hercules with columns.

Some pieces are signed, such as by the famous maker Geiss others are unsigned.

Number 5 plastic and rhinestone brooch: Although it screams art deco period, this brooch actually dates from the 1970s (there was a big art deco revival during this decade).

The biggest give-away is the pin at the back, which has standard modern roll-over clasp.

A few pieces are inscribed, "Gold gab ich fur Eisen" (I gave gold for iron).

French artists also picked up the fashion and produced Berlin Iron as well.


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