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FACULTY OF DIVINITY DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Campbell-Jack, Walter Campbell; Currie Grant, Mary Jane Elizabeth; Lee, Stephen; Low, Mary Alison Catherine; Storrar, William Forbes; Tung, Chun-Lan; Tyson, Anne Elizabeth Dodge.

BACHELOR OF DIVINITY (Honours) Christian Ethics and Practical Theology II:1 -- Brady, Lynn; Brown, Thomas John; Mc Millan, Robert Edward; Silishebo, Silishebo; Swindells, Sean; Williams, Jennifer Mary; Winn, Fiona Mary Mc Nicol; Taylor, Susan Angela Mary; Wigglesworth, Peter Geoffrey. New Testament Language, Literature and Theology I -- Simpson, Robert Russell; Grutzmacher, Dirk; Sime, Christina Mackenzie.

Spending day after day at altitudes of more than 23,000ft, Lowe often had to wade through waist-high snow to ensure everything was where it needed to be.

According to John Hunt, the expedition’s leader, Lowe “put up a performance which will go down in the annals of mountaineering as an epic achievement of tenacity and skill”.

The filmmaker explained Leo Di Caprio's character Jack had to die.

The 56-year-old comedian said that the first time she crossed paths with the A-lister was at this year's Directors Guild of America Awards, held February 6 in Los Angeles at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza.

When Hillary and Norgay were descending from the summit of Everest, it was Lowe, coming up from the South Col camp, who was the first to meet them.

Twenty years after the debut of the film, director James Cameron is still trying to convince people that Titanic had to end in heartbreak.

Old Testament Language, Literature and Theology I -- Calder, Bryce. II:1 -- Calder, Thomas Rankine; Fairgrieve, Raymond George; Francis, James Magnus.

Systematic Theology and Old Testament Language, Literature and Theology I -- Guthrie, Claire Elizabeth Mary.

At a school dance, Kirsten apologised to Sarah for her past behaviour (Candice previously mentioned to Sarah that Kirsten has since changed).

When Sarah saw Candice and Kirsten dancing with some boys, she realised that because of her pregnancy, she didn't fit in with the crowd anymore. Wilson was called in by Gail Platt (Helen Worth) as her thirteen-year-old daughter Sarah-Louise (Tina O'Brien) began getting sick after she refused to eat, and was concerned she might be developing an eating disorder.


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