Dating math geek

You can both just do you, riding into the sunset on a unicorn (you know, the one they designed for a special game of D&D). (And then they're going to think up the best way to get your boss back without getting caught. Or so the movies tell me.), and by "everything," I mean "sex." Did I mention that nerds are great at sex? It's really freeing to be with someone who doesn't kill themselves over what other people think. You can put on a few pounds or wear sweatpants all day erryday and your nerd doesn't give a fuck. Is there anything sexier than a dude who helps your team take home the Starbucks gift card at trivia night? \n Ever since Michael Cera became hot leading guy material, we've been thinking about the dorky guys we often overlook.In our experience, nothing about our nerdy next-door-neighbor ever really inspired any naughty thoughts (except for you know..homework help). He's capable of memorizing every line of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings so he shouldn't have trouble remembering your birthday and favorite kind of flowers. Sure, he may secretly want to get it on with his super hot neighbor, but knowing that you're the hottest girl he's ever been with will probably keep him from cheating.3. Which means not only will he be able to fix a computer problem and upgrade your software, but he'll actually enjoy doing it. Although the dumb jock thing is a total cliche, you're unlikely to meet a dorky guy who can't string together a sentence and carry on an intelligent conversation. Since he's supersmart and probably already making a ton of money, he won't think being a roadie for Vampire Weekend is a great "career opportunity."6. After putting those two groups through yet more series of tests–which you can read about over at –and going on 87 OKCupid dates that yielded few genuine leads, Mc Kinlay met Christine Tien Wang, an artist.Towards the end of their first date, he felt so comfortable with her that he confessed the whole romantically questionable charade: the equations, the data mining, all of it.

Think OKCupid has an OK data set, but don’t trust their algorithm to sufficiently match you with the perfect mate?So this math geek just got featured for hacking okcupid with bots and landing 88 first dates. The guy basically found out through the matching system how to give his profile the maximum exposure by deliberately matching questions girls who were put into "groups" were matching. Then he employed a method of dividing the women into groups called K-Modes, leaving him with 7 different statistically different clusters.From those 7, he was able to determine which two groups were the most appealing to him.Read Also: 8 Tell-Tale Signs You’re A Geek Nonetheless, all is not lost because we have here 20 good reasons why you should consider giving geeks a chance since they are…


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