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As an example, I have been in this kind of situation before, with a close, attractive female friend and a woman I was dating at the time.However, this constantly put the person I was dating “on edge”, which mainly stemmed from her own insecurity.Relationships in 2017 seem to be becoming an ever increasingly frustrating dilemma – not just for men, but for women too.Before I get into explaining, let me preface it by saying: dating has never been easy, but these days, there seem to be many more obstacles and challenges…suggest that what was already a veritable crisis may now be more-aptly described as apocalyptic.For the (fortunately) uninitiated, I offer a few of the tamer examples (caution, some of the material is What’s The Core Problem? At the core, the human person and sexuality have been degraded and devalued to such an extent that many young people are simply neither surprised nor outwardly chagrined at the objectification and anonymity of the “dating” scene: “We don’t know what the girls are like….

But they don’t stop swiping.” Why On Earth Do They Keep Swiping?

A 2008 study in which participants rated actual online profiles confirmed this, but also explored the criteria that made certain photos attractive (Fiore et al., 2008).

Men were considered more attractive when they looked genuine, extraverted, and feminine, but not overly warm or kind.

I for one, think this is the crux of a major problem in today’s dating world.

We simply have way too much information about each other.


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    “They report an interest in both younger and older women.”And of course in the real world, Antfolk stressed, neither men nor women base their romantic choices on age alone.“We look for many different characteristics when choosing a partner, and age is just one of them,” he said.