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When making travel plans – I read reports online, check out a guidebook on occasion, and then go see what the country is like for myself.Ecuador doesn’t get rave reviews online, but I had heard some good things. After a few experiences with Ecuadorian girls, I quickly changed my mind on investing much time in the country.Please don´t ask me to descri I make pottery, garden, travel some, play with my dogs and go horseback riding in the mountains.

For more information and advice, visit the website of the National Travel Health Network and Centre more Birding in El Cajas National Park Situated in the Ecuadorian highlands, around 30 km west of Cuenca, El Cajas National Park features varied habitats that are home to an amazing variety of bird species, some of which are considered to be endangered by conservat... I wouldn’t say I had high hopes for them, but I had some kind of “hopes” for girls in Ecuador and they quickly vanished.Cases of armed robbery are increasing and petty crime is common.See Crime Around 26,600 British nationals visited Ecuador in 2016. Although there’s no recent history of terrorism in Ecuador, attacks can’t be ruled out.New Woodlizard Species Discovered in Ecuador Commonly referred to as woodlizards, Enyalioides is a genus in the lizard family Hoplocercidae which is endemic to the northern part of South America and Panama.


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