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‘He’s used to having girls fawn after his time on The X Factor and being in a boy band,’ they said.

Casey is newly single after splitting from his singer girlfriend, Betsy-Blue English, in April.

The band, who were formed on The X Factor, added Casey to their line up in May 2016; Casey was a former member of Stereo Kicks, another X Factor band, and he was welcomed to the band with an enthusiastic tweet which read: ‘We are super excited to welcome Casey to the band!

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Big Brother contestant Farrah Abraham has also been confirmed to star in the show.

According to The Daily Star, show bosses were very keen to sign Casey for the new show.

The smile disappears completely (and necessarily) as she debuts another track from her new album, Freedom, entitled "My Freedom".

She looks unambiguously downcast, and with good reason.


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