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She had a 10-year relationship with NBA player Antoine Walker before getting involved with Johnson. Unless Lozada has sworn off athletes entirely, which I seriously doubt, I'd expect her to land another one at some point.

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The race set a number of records, including: the first time that the top 3 finished under 9.80 seconds; the first time that the top 5 finished in under 9.90 seconds; the first time that the four fastest men in 100m history all competed; and 7 of the 8 men ran in under 10 seconds, with only Asafa Powell finished in (11.99) after an injury 60 meters into the race.Some of these WAGs, however, have decided to turn their backs on the WAG life and date or marry non-athletes.We're guessing it's because athletes can be real Grade-A douchebags sometimes, as evidenced by the incidences of domestic abuse detailed in this list.Some women get a taste of the WAG world and run fleeing for the hills, never to return again. While some others seem to be gluttons for punishment, tolerant of the wandering eye that is standard issue, and keep coming back for more—undeterred by the indignities that often come with the territory. Let's take a look at 25 women who have dated more than one athlete and keep coming back for more.public breakup from Chad Johnson after the NFL wide receiver allegedly head-butted her during the course of an argument in August 2012; the pair had been married just over a month.Go for Raya.) If you go this route, prepare to be Googled and judged.


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