Dating antique pepsi bottles

But thank you for all the information, its good to know when and where they came from.[: D] Hi with them being Canadian it might make them more interesting.

At first I thought they were 10oz or something common like that.

Some collectors seek out antique soda memorabilia by brand.

Others are interested in the variety of soda advertising that was found in the old general grocery stores, diners and service stations.

Coca-Cola is the king of all soda pop brands and one of the most collected because of its abundance of antique advertising memorabilia.

Bottles with Soda in Them, Pepsi Drum Bottles (4), Pepsi Aqua Double Dot Peanut Bottles 6.5 Oz.(3), Rare: Pepsi Cola Green & Red Paper Label Full Bottle 1910, Pepsi Sunnybrook Bottle, Pepsi Big Nickel with Buffalo Picture (2), Vintage RWB Label Pepsi Bottle Full of Soda, Pepsi Gold Swirl Bottle, Pepsi ACL Double Dot RW 2 FULL Glasses Bottle, Pepsi Cola Double Dot 12 FL Oz Fountain Syrup, Pepsi 12 oz.

Bottle, Eight Sided Embossed Aqua Pepsi Bottle, RARE Pepsi RWB 12 oz.


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