Dating a female geek looks

Spurned male geeks prefer explanations which blame women for their romantic failings and which reason that women are innately shallow, and these explanations are embraced by fellow male geeks with similar hurt feelings.

In online geek communities such as Slashdot, Digg, and Reddit, there is the common joke that “geeks” cannot get girlfriends (this language assumes that all geeks are heterosexual males, perpetuating the stereotype that women cannot be geeks, and the sentiment that women do not really belong in geek communities or IT). Why would a man take advice about women from men who fail in interacting with women?

Class privilege among male IT geeks from mostly white, middle-class backgrounds shelters them from the economic realities of most American families.

Moreover, the male-majority IT culture allows sexist stereotypes about women to proliferate without being challenged.

Disney fairy tales and fantasy-themed genres teach male geeks that women instantly fall in love with men who are rich, charming, famous, and good-looking.

In other words, these “high status” males in fiction and the fictional women who fall in love with them are taken as data points concerning the general behaviour of women.

Full of whimsical 8-bit illustrations, The Geek’s Guide to Dating will teach fanboys everywhere to love long and prosper. As of the time of this posting, I still have not read this book. I'll just put it nice and simple: NOT ALL GEEKS ARE GUYS!

This hilarious primer leads geeks of all ages through the perils and pitfalls of meeting women, going on dates, getting serious, breaking up, and establishing a successful lifelong relationship (hint: it’s time to invest in new bedsheets). Added on December 11, 2013: Given that this short little review continues to get likes and comments, I thought I should comment further as to why I originally posted it.The website lets you write pretty much anything and share any photo (apart from the true extremes like snuff films and child porn, for instance) but did you know there’s also an anonymous advice thread?Single for four years, and genuinely needing dating advice, I asked them.Yet many male geeks do, nonetheless, because such rationalizations are comforting to those who are invested in believing in their moral and intellectual superiority.For people who have had little real-life interaction with a minority group, their beliefs about the minority group are heavily shaped by the media.Basically they forced me to evaluate every aspect of myself logically rather than emotionally, then come up with a plan on how to improve my chances. Woman up and ask men out One geek told me I was using my gender as an excuse for not asking out the people I’m attracted to. I don’t have brothers, went to an all girls’ primary and generally feel more relaxed in the company of women.


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