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I had to resolve my neediness for connection as well as my veiled hostility toward the women I felt held the power to either grant love to me or deny me its access.As I reflect on my history, I would like to explore the implications of developing without a consistent father.While this is also true in cases of absent mothers, and for boys as well as girls, I was a girl with a mother and no father.

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Some factors were utterly expected, almost clichéd; such as that a woman's romantic relationships are dramatically affected by father loss.And I just want to say I love him so much." For me, in her pain, Paris Jackson was the quintessential embodiment of father loss. It's a look at the effects of father loss on girls, and the women they become. My dad died of pancreatic cancer when I was 10, and my book grew from a personal wish to understand what I had missed not having grown up with my dad.I also strongly suspected that other women who had lost their fathers felt as I did-aware that their dad's loss had affected them, but not quite able to articulate how.Fatherless (or “daddyless”) daughters are women who grew up without an active father, usually one who was absent by what appears to be his choice.This appearance of his choice to be absent is the key to the complexities of the girl/woman’s questions about her value to their relationship.Whether or not the parents are united as a couple and reside in the home together with the child, each parent has value to the child and by extension to our society.


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