Convalidating uk degrees spain

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The term ‘collaborative provision’ is often used to describe this form of partnership.

More importantly at this stage it will give our students and their teachers the opportunity to see how they are progressing.All went well during his postdoc in Madrid--so well, in fact, that in a competition for an assistant professorship he ranked first. But, thanks to a nudge from the European Commission and a Spanish law passed last March, the process seems to have become much quicker and easier--although only time will tell whether the problem has been solved. After that, he says, "I had to develop my career, learn new techniques, and publish, and there were some very good people in Madrid." So in 2000, he started a postdoc in the Department of Chemical Physics at the (assistant professor) in his department in early 2004. could not be used, neither for professional nor academic purposes." Mc Bride isn't the only one to have suffered as a result of Spain's complex and unfriendly procedures for certifying foreign degrees.Four years later, Mc Bride decided to give it another go, but that time "was a disaster as well," he says, because he didn't want to part with his diplomas.All applications for your professional qualification to be officially recognised in Spain must be sent to the appropriate competent authority for the regulated profession that you wish to practice here.It became incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee on 28th October 2004 (Company Number: 05272761).


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