Consolidating your bills

Consider moving your money to just one of them, one that's closest to where you live or work.

"I've got too many debts to too many credit card companies and stores," consumers commonly lament.

Yet we have a tendency to add to that pressure by complicating things that should be kept simple. In a strange way we feel the more we spread our money across several accounts, the more control we have over it. The best way to gain control of your money is to streamline your bank accounts and bill payments.

By consolidating your accounts you accomplish two key things: you simplify the day-to-day routine of your family's finances, and you clear the way to reach your financial goals faster.

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Both, however, allow you to make We start with, naturally, step 1."Is there a way to consolidate my bills into one simple payment?" Taking out a loan to pay off unsecured credit balances is an option that many people consider.A loan with a longer term may have a lower monthly payment, but it can also significantly increase how much you pay over the life of the loan.View the Total Cost of Borrowing Before you apply, we encourage you to carefully consider whether consolidating your existing debt is the right choice for you.Consolidating multiple loans means you'll have a single payment each month for that combined debt but it may not reduce or pay your debt off sooner.


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