Consolidating student loans july stanley bedrock plane dating

Sometimes it’s to get access to a more favorable interest rate.

Sometimes it’s to reduce the monthly payment requirements by stretching them out of a longer repayment period.

That anticipated jump has brought on a mad dash each year during the last week of June to consolidate loans and lock in the current year's lower interest rate.This year, instead of scrambling to consolidate student loans by July 1, the smart money is on waiting until after that date -- because interest rates are expected to drop.The catch: Fewer lenders are offering loan consolidation.Consider the following resources to help you determine if and when consolidating might be the right option for you: If you have questions about the number of loans you have borrowed, the amount of each loan, or your outstanding balance(s), check with the My Federal Student Aid website or National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS).Federal consolidation loans have fixed interest rates.The use of a weighted average roughly preserves the underlying cost of the loans.


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