Consolidating music files

I would like to have everything in a central location be it the networked hard drive or the Mac Mini, although my preference is the networked hard drive.

Ideally, your primary goal should be to consolidate all of your music into a single i Tunes library, with the music stored in a single location.

You may even have, like me, taken advantage of the Mac's awesome Migration Assistant to shift all your documents, files and settings from one Mac to another -- only you now have duplicate Downloads and Documents folders in different destinations, causing bafflement every time a file is saved.

Deep cleaning your computer of unwanted files and streamlining your folder system can not only free up storage space, but improve your computer's performance.

For now though, I only need to care about the mp3s, since some of the m4as will be ones locked to i Tunes (I.e., only i Tunes will play them, given the correct account that purchased those files is logged in).

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I also now have songs from several hundred CD’s on my new Mac Mini that aren’t on either my i Phone or my i Pod.

From decluttering tips to apps that do your organizing for you, here's how to spruce up your computer and make sure it stays that way.

You'd be surprised how much storage is used up by duplicate files, whether they're files you saved twice to different locations or multiple downloads of the same file.

Optimized and Proxy media are discussed in a previous post.

In general, un-checking these options avoids bloating the project size.


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