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I hit the first hurdle when both usernames Naughty Boy88 and Naughty Boy1988 are taken.I’m also dismayed to find that Naughty Boy69 is also unavailable. Two hours later my inbox is still ringing hollow – not a single response.Over the weekend, the dating site for people seeking to have an affair, Ashley Madison, was hacked.With the hackers threatening to release the personal details and sexual fantasies of the site's more than 37 million users, all eyes have been on Ashley Madison and its parent company, Avid Life Media — and now we're hearing more about what it's like on the inside.All this, of course, should be taken with an emormous grain of salt, as the rankings were calculated based on Ashley Madison data—i.e., those stated neighborhoods have the most people on Ashley Madison (in Great Neck, "3.02 percent of the town's adult residents" were members).People can, obviously, cheat without the aid of that site—and historically have.Testing if the experience is gender-specific, I coax a female colleague (see right) into signing up to a rival site. On a separate account, posing as a woman, I get chatting to a male user.She emails me moments later: “I haven’t even finished setting up my bio and I’ve been ‘favourited’ twice.”I vow to get proactive. ” and take an indiscriminate copy-and-paste approach. I reveal I’m a journalist and he is happy to discuss his experiences.

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Together the two spend time online bonding over British TV and their respective bad marriages.

So if your spouse's picture pops up, you know what that means.

Have An Affair.” That is what I have spent the last three days trying to do.

Many people think Ashley Madison provides an unethical service, helping married people cheat on their spouses.

After all, its registered tag-line is "Life is short.


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