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Featuring mobile chat rooms as well, helps you find and connect with single women and men throughout the globe.Rye - the markings you report are confusing in that you have two circles with letters. The model 311 started as the Springfield 5000 around 1920 with model designation changing to 5100 in 1931. Mine has 2 large letters "N" and "G" and then circle "A" and circle "G". Stevens Arms Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of Savage Arms Corp. 330 with a capped pistol grip walnut stock, while the Riverside had a half-pistol grip walnut stock. dropped the Riverside name and the gun became the Springfield No. What is the point of putting serial numbers on them if there is no way to track them? founding father George Mason..410 bore Stevens 311's, depending upon condition, have been bringing extraordinary money these last few years - up to at least 0.00 for one with full case colors, no rust or other issues, and an almost perfect stock/finish & bbl bluing. It's a Stevens 20ga and has S A (A) (D) stamped under the barrel, 5100 on the right side of the receiver, and it was made in Chicopee Falls, Ma. It also has a different trigger guard (sort of a scroll)and 4 numbers stamped into the stock on both sides. Little Hi, I'm new here and would like some help dating a Stevens Model 311 Sx S 16 Gauge Shot gun. introduced a cheaper double in 12- and 16-gauges as the Riverside No. My Mother's double marked "Ranger" was one of these. Tomato stake .410 Model 311's might get only 0-0.. I was wondering what year it was and what the stamps mean. I don't know much about guns, but I recently acquired a Stevens 311A .410 Shotgun and I can't find any solid info on it. By 1948 the Springfield name was gone and the same gun was a Stevens No. By 1951 the Tentite was gone and the Stevens 311 had a wood stock. 311 in 1947 Savage/Stevens/Fox/Springfield catalogue. By the 1948 Savage/Stevens/Fox catalogue the Springfield name was gone and the same gun was listed as a Stevens Model 311. The actual text of what they offer on Stevens firearms is -- "Serial numbers are not generally available for Stevens Arms.I was wondering how to determine the age and/or value... The markings are: B (in a circle), J (in a circle) and C. Well my blue book of values shows that the Stevens Mod. consolidated their arms making operations at their Stevens factories in Chicopee Falls, Mass. By the 1951 Savage/Stevens/Fox catalogue the Tenite stocks were gone and the Stevens Model 311 had a wood stock and forearm. A history of the model, giving all available information along with the approximate date of manufacture can be furnished for a charge of per model." Not too hopeful!!- Yazılarınız içerisinde siyasi içerikli cümlelergeçerse, herhangi bir partinin propagandasını yaparsanız kanaldan veya siteden uzaklaştırılırsınız.


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