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Created by Arabic typeface designer and ‘s Most Creative People 2012 winner Nadine Chahine in consultation with Zapf himself, Zapfino Arabic aims to translate the distinctive elegance and dapper grace of Zapfino into a Arabic counterpart that still feels harmonious with the Latin version.

Chahine is no stranger to adopting Western fonts for an Arabic-speaking audience: she created the Arabic version of Neue Helvetica.

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Arab or Middle east women are hot, no doubt about that.He waves his hands around like a traffic cop in a music video—stop, now go go go—but then he makes it his own with a graceful wristy flourish at the end.“That’s the whole point of it.” is based upon and he bought the rights immediately, even though he didn’t know what he’d do with it.Hermann Zapf, the designer behind popular typefaces such as Palatino and Optima, was born in Nuremberg, Germany, almost 100 years ago.The typeface that bears his name, Zapfino, is in many ways his most personal design. Students interested in receiving QFI funding to attend the Academy are encouraged to check our website again in January, 2018 for updates.


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