Chat bot girl 2013

For example, Negobot will always start a conversation in a "neutral" mode, talking only about general subjects like movies or music.

Participants chatting with Negobot can stay in this state, as long as they don't bring up sexual or otherwise disturbing content.

The chatterbot takes the guise of a naive and vulnerable 14-year-old girl.

The bot's programmers used methods of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to create a conversational agent fluent in typical teenage slang, misspellings, and knowledge of pop culture.

If they do turn the conversation toward innuendo, Negobot will switch to the "possibly [pedophile]" level, and begin sharing more personal information, like references to a troubled home life and a desire for companionship.

Negobot also referred to as Lolita or Lolita chatbot is a chatterbot that was introduced to the public in 2013, designed by researchers from the University of Deusto and Optenet to catch online pedophiles.

The university researchers used information provided by anti-pedophilia activist organization Perverted-Justice, including examples of online encounters and conversations with sexual predators, to supplement the program's artificial intelligence system.

Chatbots like Negobot use such processes as artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning to react to users' specific comments and remember past conversations.

Using these methods, researchers at the University of Deusto in Spain were able to make Negobot sound like a stereotypical teenage girl, complete with slang, misspellings and pop-culture knowledge.

Its name is Negobot, and it plays the part of a 14 year-old girl. Their behavior and interest in a conversation are flat, which is a problem when attempting to detect untrustworthy targets like pedophiles” says Carlos Laorden, who helped develop the program.

“What is new about Negobot is that it employs game theory to maintain a much more realistic conversation.” Game theory, putting it simply, involves strategic decision-making performed in order to reach a goal.


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