Cassie steele and aubrey graham dating

Now: In addition to acting, Steele has also focused on her music career, releasing two albums, going on tour and releasing an EP in 2012.That same year, she landed her biggest role since ‘Degrassi,’ starring as Abby Vargas on the short-lived series ‘The L. Complex.’ Then: Before he became Drake, Aubrey Graham was most well-known for his role as Jimmy Brooks, Spinner’s best friend and Ashley’s BF who was infamously shot and paralyzed.She graduated from Concordia University with a degree in communications and now works as a Digital Marketing Coordinator.

Sometimes she redeemed herself, other times we were rooting against her.

So, no one is probably missing Rick Murray much, but we’ve always wondered what happened to him.

I mean, he contributed to one of the biggest moments on the show ever (See: Jimmy Brooks getting shot).

Cassie Steele also left after nine seasons and also continues to act, appearing in made-for-TV movies like Sarah Barrable-Tishauer played the adorably geeky Liberty Van Zandt.

She also left after nine seasons, and it seems like she continued being a smarty pants IRL.


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