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Mygrandfather told me, “If you don’t have a dollar, you don’t got a friend” Itold C that you shouldn’t be putting out negative music while you’refighting a life sentence. Itaught him the music business, it is sad to hear him talk negative abouthis family and take advise from people who are in it to just get what theycan get from him even while he is incarcerated.I love my brother but attimes he can be ungrateful and disrespectful.

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In the comments of Atlanta Truth101 post C Murder’s ex fiance spilled all the tea that Monica has been writing him in jail, and having the mail sent to her mothers house. She witnessed the suicide of a despondent boyfriend and was involved with rapper C-Murder (whose real name is Corey Miller and who is the brother of rapper Master P) when he was arrested for the shooting death of a fan.But those times are now behind the mother of two young sons.I look forward to our lives together.'The ceremony reportedly took place at their Los Angeles home.Monica and Shannon, 24, got engaged in October last year with the singer tweeting a picture of her enormous diamond engagement ring.She's happily settled in a committed relationship with her children's father, rapper Rocko, and currently starring in the BET show "Monica: Still Standing." A new album is set to be released in the new year.


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