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Some of the most important studies are in Russian, dating to the Soviet period, including I.

Jews arrival in Central Asia: The beginning of a Jewish settlement in the area around Bukhara may go back as far as the 7th century BCE when the Jews were exiled by the Assyrians(II Kings 17:6).

It is to this date that the Bukharan Jews themselves trace their heritage.

Many historians contend, however, that it was probably a century or two later during the reign of Cyrus the great of Persia that the Jews began to arrive.

As Sukkot is a harvest festival, Sukkot menus typically include dishes with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Since the Feast of Tabernacles takes place during the beginning of the Fall season, it’s a perfect time to utilize the bounty of the season into this all-in-one-pot richly aromatic rice dish.

Bukhori is classified by linguists as a Southwestern Iranian language, closely related to Tajik and, at more distance, to modern Persian, all stemming from Classical Persian.

Bukhori remains vital, the everyday language of a global diaspora used in many different contexts, but its long-term future is in doubt, as fewer young people speak the language.

After a brief period of initial support in the 1920s, during which some instruction and publishing in Bukhori took place, Soviet authorities made Russian the language of education, culture, and authority.

Terms of religious and cultural significance often derive from Hebrew or Aramaic, and the language also reflects extensive contact with speakers of Turkic languages, particularly Uzbek.

Little detailed linguistic research has been carried out, almost none in recent years or in English.


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