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Buenos Aires dating Over the past couple of years, Buenos Aires has become an expat magnet and there are places where they (we) tend to gravitate. As lovely as they are, Argentines generally tend to stay with the same group of friends from school and its sometimes difficult to break into a meaningful friendship with people who aren't really looking to expand their social network (which is kind of why the expats tend to stick together).

Dating, however, is a different kettle of fish and Argentine dates are very easy to find.

It is one of those things that are a matter of debate to whether piropos are uplifting or degrading.

Not all women in this country fit the stereotype of the Argentine femme fatale but there is definitely a subsector of women in this country that still fall into that category.

HOWEVER, how genuine it all is, I've yet to work out.

Its not unusual to meet a man here and have him profess his undying love 2-weeks later.

Although some guys tell me, that they want to make sure that I am a woman. I walk to the meeting place - a local coffee - ice cream place.

He has a mustache which does not exactly thrill me, but being too picky is not a good thing.

Be careful and ask questions (not introducing you to family, lots of nights out with the boys, working late, and never going back to his place should raise alarm bells)..please be persistent with the asking (or introduce him to Argy friends for the once-over).

I wanted to start a thread about dating in Buenos Aires and where we foreign women can share our experiences.

I've been here seven years and still don't understand the men here.

As Divas they demand nothing less than divine treatment from those they have bewitched.

In the past I have written blogs on cross-cultural relationships.


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