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There are significant dangers out there: the online world is a new place to be concerned about what your kids are up to, and we’ve all heard too many stories already of youngsters getting into trouble online.

Happily, your Mac comes with a few bits of protection built in, and there are some good applications available to help you extend those controls.

Additionally, Mac’s built-in parental controls work well in conjunction with Web Chaver.

This guide will help you set up Parental Controls on your Mac to help you control and monitor a user’s access to the Internet and the computer.

By default, users are represented by spherical smiley face emoticons, but can also wear bitmaps called props.

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It’s important that you keep this password a secret from your kids, because with it they – or anyone with access to your machine – could wreak very real havoc, since they would have complete access to all your settings and data.While there is no longer any official support for the original program, a new client has been developed and is actively maintained by Jameson Heesen.Many chat servers are still operating and can be found on the The Palace Portal Live Directory.I’m going to talk you through three different ways that you can go about putting in place better online safety precautions: via OS X’s built-in Parental Controls, with an external application, and by getting to the heart of how your computer interfaces with the internet, by taking control of your DNS settings.The first thing to say is that you’re well-served by creating separate user accounts for your children – maybe one for each if you have a few (that could reduce some fighting, I expect!They give children the freedom to enjoy their favorite areas of the Internet while keeping them protected and safe from online threats and inappropriate material.


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