Best dating movies ever

“If I have to pay attention to the plot, I can’t pay attention to my girl,” says Alex, a student at the University of Oregon.In this moving film, it is slowly revealed that a couple chose to have a procedure that erased memories of each other.The movie year is just about over, and a review of the past twelve months makes clear that cinephiles have been spoiled with sterling movies, from blockbuster superhero sagas and low-budget horror thrillers to bizarre dystopian comedies and politically oriented foreign imports.With our late-year binge-watching now complete, our final assessment—which still only scratches the surface of everything worth watching—proves that, whether at the multiplex or the art house, filmgoers were blessed with a bounty of great offerings in 2016.—a documentary that runs seven hours and 47 minutes, and is divided into self-contained chapters—is in fact a long-form TV documentary.Jim Carrey plays Joel, opposite Kate Winslet playing Clementine.

Aside from providing us with an impressive treasure trove of streaming options, Netflix is also perhaps most commonly known for inventing the popular cultural phenomena known as #Netflix & Chill. She's been up, she's been down, she's laughed, she's cried, and she believes that true love is possible. These films deliver all the agony and ecstasy of a passionate relationship, and by the end, when the lovers kiss and the credits roll, the person beside you on the couch has been put through the wringer.Nonetheless, thanks to a limited theatrical run in May, Ezra Edelman's non-fiction opus is eligible for 2016 movie awards, and even in a year overflowing with gems, it stands head and shoulders about the rest.A titanic work of socio-cultural commentary that plumbs issues of ambition, race, fame, ego and denial, Edelman's masterpiece spends its first three immersive hours conveying the magnetic personality and triumphant athletic (and advertising) career of O. Simpson, as well as providing background on the contentious historic relationship between Los Angeles' police force and African-American community.Best Quoteis beloved by women everywhere for good reason.


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