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Choosing the right person for a relationship is essential in having a happy and long-lasting love affair.Every profession has its pros and cons when it come to love and relationships and for Martial arts, the advantages are exceeding.Photo by Iliana Kanellopoulou featured by Curated By Girls So you’ve made the jump and moved to one of the creative epicenters of our world – whether it be London, Paris, Berlin, New York or Milan, there is one thing you should know: you are in danger.Artists are prowling the streets, smoking rollies on the corners of every semi-gentrified emigrant neighborhood; they smell like broken showers, cheap powdered laundry soap and soaked beans (an affliction that comes from living with seven vegan roommates). You’ve found him: a Carhartt-wearing Jesus with a paintbrush and you’ve made a date (he canceled three times, reason: artist problems). They do this because they love it and because they want to be successful. If they take some time away from the relationship, remind them, kindly, that you want some one on one time. Artists want their partners to be interested in their work. I want to be a successful writer so I can support myself AND my boyfriend. My boyfriend has read everything I’ve published, behind my back.

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Martial artists continually strive to get better at their combat skills as well as their personal attributes. So, it has recently become blatantly obvious to me that my artistic friend end up with the wrong people. Part of it is against the artist for following the bad folks, but it also goes to the people they date. Know the difference between an artist and an artiste. I, for example, feel like my brain will burst out of my skull and kill someone if I don’t write. If you have the chance to date someone devoted to the martial arts, you’ll find many qualities that will enhance a dating relationship: 1. Prepared to handle dangerous situations and defuse confrontations, your martial artist date will protect you if need be. They strive to control emotions, especially in tense moments. These arts emphasize integrity, responsibility, and trustworthiness. They understand boundaries better than most, having trained to guard them. They have fortitude amid adversity and are prepared to deal with difficult issues. Poise under pressure is an asset that will enhance any relationship. Maintaining personal boundaries and respecting them in others is a key to healthy relationships. But the majority of martial arts emphasize self-defense, physical dexterity, mental focus, and the connection between mind, body, and spirit. To advance to higher levels, they must train consistently and continually hone their skills.


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