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If you’re in the mood for a glass of world-renowned Georgian wine, there’s a bar and a well-stocked wine shop waiting for you at the top.

Instead, one of our Georgian brides might be waiting for you to sweep her off her feet; she could end up being the woman you have waited for your entire life.

But here's a love story you probably haven't heard: Ali and Nino.

With our selection, you can find one of our Georgian brides who are beautiful and perfect, inside and out.But no tribute compares to this monument standing in Batumi, Georgia.Did you know that citizens of Turkey can enter Batumi on their Turkish ID card alone?As new buildings, hotels and business and shopping centers go up through consultancy with Turkish and European architects, a special board of consultants has also taken charge of city planning.With a richness dating from antiquity right through the Ottoman period, the city’s fabric is in evidence in a different guise on every street.Meanwhile semi-tropical rains, heavy especially in spring and fall, endow the city with alluring green parks and gardens.


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