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It's a location-based chat so you can use channels to see where other refugees are and chat with them.

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The mood of the parties involved, the authority of the service or product for which one queues, the urgency of the matter, whether one is friends with the person behind the counter and various other, sometimes conflicting factors.By pressing the in-app "I am in" button, volunteers can register their attendance at a specific location, which can encourage other potential volunteers to go to less well-attended sites.Keep up with this story and more Organisers of volunteer efforts have previously noted that potential recruits have sometimes considered their efforts unwanted if there are already too many helpers at any one location.The IOS, Android and web-based app aims to solve the problem."Refugees Connect," which placed second, allows refugees in Austria to connect with other refugees and aid workers across the country.According to event organiser, Helene Patterman, the app "works like a walkie-talkie."Patterman says: "[Refugees Connect] is a powerful app.Visa application services call center agents are able to assist you via email, telephone or chat.


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    It's a location-based chat so you can use channels to see where other refugees are and chat with them.

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