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And by the way, she's done this before: For what it's worth, I met someone who said both Ray Kelly and his wife are swingers and bi. He has a small dick that's fat and curves off to the upper left. By any chance, did you know he was going to be charged and start this thread to cast doubt on his rape charges? I don't know of anyone else I feel this way about, it's very strange.can't believe he got moved to 10 pm news. He's just a person with insecurities who thrives on attention.[quote] The people lumping him with Asperger's - you suck. HOWEVER, MANY GAY MEN LOOK VERY "STRAIGHT" AND ARE NOT PERCEIVED AS GAY. Constantly licking his face and sticking his tongue out.I think it's time for another thread devoted exclusively to network news gossip. I teach children with Asperger's and your comments are evil. THIS MORNING AT AROUND AM (THURSDAY, 05-DEC-13), HE WAS TALKING WITH COMEDIAN SUZIE ESSEMAN AND ROSANNA SCOTTO. Very OBNOXIOUS AND RUDE, seems to have no respect for others. WAKE UP CHANNEL 5He's so short, do they have a height requirement for the military?Very sweet and amazing, she's very outgoing and fun to be around.Thoughtful for those around her, and overcoming many of the issues that Charlie is going through. Sam only saw him as a friend until her and her boyfriend Craig broke up.

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My guessing he's straight, but prefers bimbo types that mommma would not approve of... And he's not introverted -- odd, yes, but not introverted. He was an embedded reporter in Iraq or Afghanistan.4. He and Rosanna had a hilarious fight last week after reporting on the NY Philharmonic conductor who stopped because of an i Phone. Rosanna's jism "blooper" was completely staged on her part. sure her husband was not happy with he and antwan lewis are apparently good buddies. Everyone knows he jumped off the George Washington Bridge. I like Dave enough but his chemistry with Rosanna hasn't gelled. I teach children with Asperger's and your comments are evil. If you spoil a child, they will develop Narcissistic personality disorder.

He's got a crush on Mike Woods, but Woods doesn't give him the time of day. Not the fat closeted self-hating white guy who will never be the son his father wanted, not the guy at R12 who looks like his Mom got impregnated by Visitors. He makes comments about going to the movies/places alone. Greg kept playing his ring tone, Rosanna threw his phone across the room, then said something about how his phone is covered with "jism". One need only to look at her reaction after saying it, as if it was done on a dare. he even complimented his fine physique a bunch of times. And gave the wrong day of Rodney King police incident. I tried to watch him host 10 pm news and didn't like it. Anyone else think he was moved to the 10 pm slot just so Fox has an excuse to fire him later for lack of ratings? Neither of them wants to be the straight guy which makes their banter awkward. Narcissistic personality disorder has nothing to do with Asperger's.

Kelly isn't "out" because of his daddy's the police commissioner. I also watch too much Fox 5 in the morning as well because I'm rivited at the subtext... They have a subway ad campaign currently running in nyc where one of the comments is "Have you seen Good Day NY lately? I happened to know who Ray Kelly was but he wouldn't have known that. He has this glass coffee table in his living room and when he brings tricks home he makes them strip and squat on top of it. I get either a closeted vibe or just a big ole' nerd, e.g., He's a Star Trek fan. Or, He could have a big head and not understand "no means no"! He asked Chely Wright out when they shared a cab once. After she came out, she was a guest on his show and they joked about it. I only find him hot when I see him on Fox 5 in the Morning, with his TV makeup and suit on. He was quickly corrected on-air by the guest he was [email protected] I think he does have Asbergers (sp? Well...from memory, he wasn't gay back when I knew him. But, somewhere beneath that toddler size temper tantrum of "only if it benefits me," lies an insecure soul who tries to convince the world that he self assured.

'Sure, we're all over You Tube"This is more fodder that plays right into this. Friends who knew Greg when he worked at Fox News Network say he is gay, but so closeted (and scared) that they doubt if he's ever had a serious relationship of any kind with anyone, male or female. Then he crawls underneath it so he can have a worm's eye view of his trick taking a huge dump on the table while he furiously whacks his quarter inch killer. OP, that is an amazing coincidence that you started this thread. Whenever I see a candid pic of him, I think he looks gross. There's an old saying, "People don't care what you think until they know that you care." He can make comments about how he favors judicial fairness, but actions speak louder than words.


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