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Non-straight sexual identity is assumed, accepted, or embraced. But when I rattled off verse, it took a beat for them to realize I wasn't making an ironic Jesus joke. As if they hadn’t walked past four churches between their apartment and this restaurant. (Yes, thank you.)My friends said they didn’t think my family was religious, and they're not beyond the WASP-obligatory Episcopalian weddings of cousins and funerals of grandparents. The right guys got it and saw the appeal; a good guy at least thought it was kind of interesting. On our second date, Bobby held my hands, the tops of our wrists resting against sweating margarita glasses, and said, “So, obviously I’m Jewish.”He’d referenced his rabbi who was into hip-hop, his nerdy yarmulke collection he’d just uncovered from when he was 13, and how his bubbe accidentally saw “Magical Michael” with her friends from temple.

My parents — staunch, eye-rolling atheists — were baffled that one cousin held her wedding ceremony at St. I bought a Bible on Amazon and started keeping it next to my bed, slipping it beneath my latest fiction read when friends or dates came over. Once, eating takeout and watching TV with a lovely, kinda boring guy, I got annoyed by one of Bill Maher’s atheist tirades. ”Many more guys balked and told me, in so many words, that religion was pretty much a deal breaker for them. A few years ago I would’ve waited until the dude went to the bathroom to text my friend, I’m at drinks with a crazy Christian! Sprinkled throughout our dates, none of these anecdotes necessitated a bathroom text to a girlfriend.


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