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Her other achievements are Unstrung Heroes (1995) by Diane Keaton, Multiplicity (1996) by Harold Ramis, The End of Violence (1997) by Wim Wenders and especially The Muse (1999) by Albert Brooks with Sharon Stone.In the following years, especially after 2001, she has decreased her presence on the big screen.

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Regarding her personal life, it has not been so much pleasant and successful as her career.She received two Golden Globe nominations for Green Card cult film and Four Weddings and a Funeral.In 1994 she starred in Robert Altman’s Short Cuts (winner of the Golden Lion), for which she earned a Golden Globe Special along with the cast and the Volpi Cup for the best cast to the Special International Art Exhibition Venice Film Festival."But a lot of the times, you're still in the position of being asked to do something or auditioning, and not in a power of position or control. You really have to be able to give yourself over to the process, and be willing to be changed and be molded. The actress is haunting as a mother whose two children (Raffey Cassidy and Sunny Suljic) become mysteriously paralyzed after meeting a stalker-ish teenager (Barry Keoghan), whose father died on her husband's operating table years earlier. Occasionally, I'll do something for them where they can come on set.The psychological thriller's unsettling subject matter and graphic violence could prove too difficult for many viewers to stomach, and even earned boos from audience members at Monday's screening at Cannes."This film, my children will not be seeing," Kidman said. I did , but they have very little understanding of what my husband (country singer Keith Urban) and I do."As an actress raising two young daughters, "I’m fortunate in the sense that I’m married to a musician, so our schedules are able to be juggled," she added.Her manner is composed, her posture high in the saddle, and she combats any impression of aloofness this might leave with waves of genteel chattiness. In L'Oréal hair color commercials, Mac Dowell's hair is invariably straight, long, and impossibly liquid, but in real life it's thick and ringlety, and sometimes as she talks a lock of it falls across her face and over those eyes. The fantasy under discussion all began, she tells me, this spring with a L'Oréal stylist, or really with the clothes he was dressing her in for the shoot that day.


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