Adult recorded chats

This list is not exhaustive but provides a hint of the wide-ranging application of this law to many types of communication.

Consent is another principle to consider when deciding whether the ECPA applies.

If your receptionist is fielding several inquiries about your hours of operation, for example, it might be beneficial for you to include this information in your greetings.

Eliminate any time sensitive material or information.

The ECPA created penalties for any person who intentionally: 1) intercepts, uses or discloses any wire or oral communication by using any electronic, mechanical, or other device, or 2) without authority accesses a wire or electronic communication while in storage. Congress intended to provide stiffer penalties for interception than for accessing communications in storage.

Through an established vendor, Securus Technologies, Inc., all phones are programmed to process collect calls, debit calls or prepaid calls.

Use of the phone is a privilege and misuse may result in a conduct violation or phone restrictions.

214While you want to be thorough, you also want to use wording that is concise and to the point.

Callers may hang up if they have to wade through too much extraneous information before they reach the right party.


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