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I tried to counter it by working out so I had a good body. As time passed I became a woman hater as every female I met insulted me, patronized me, rejected me, used & cheated me, and even hurt me. "I untied her legs, but tied each one to a bedpost so she wouldn't get away or close them. Her clit became big and shiny and I sucked on it, making her yelp and writhe.When I got into bondage and BDSM, I really got into it, thinking of having several sex slaves to do whatever I wanted to and they'd have to take it whether they liked it or not. But she tried."No point in being modest now."Closing her eyes and pointing her face away, she spread her legs to expose her vaj fully. I took the vibrator, turned it on high, and ran it over her body before going where it was most needed.I spent years building up a collection of toys and equipment for the day I'd get to strike. I began by fingering her, first with two fingers, then three. She gave a sigh of pleasure and relaxed as her toy sent waves of pleasure through her sweet spot, most likely letting the feeling take her away from her situation.There were some girls at the school I went to and worked at that I wanted to have and vowed to enslave them. I rummaged through it to find a big dildo, a great rabbit vibrator and some lubricate "Sweet! Her moans went from those of sorrow to ones of pleasure and she started to get wet. I rubbed the vibbrator up and down the length of her pussy. And I want us to come toegther."I stripped and Mouse gave a squeak through her gag when she saw my big hard rod. "But I'm getting worked up and need to blow my load. So get ready."I put the vibrator back in her and turned it on low.virgin , i am only CD in private, a regular guy in public, interested in all who seek to have fun, but no pain...i am uninhibited so anything legal other than pain goes with this sissy :)Happily long married couple, interested in bi-curious encounter.Wife is learning and practicing femdom by feminization of husband, little BDSM.

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Then after ages of fucking her he has her on her back with her legs spread again, he says do you want me to cum in you and she saysback to him with a smile yes, I truely cant believe this, he then thrusts deep into her and with a smile on his face called her a slut, he started banging her deep and hard then he was moaning to climax he grabbed hold of her mouth with both hands opening her lips wide, then with a deep deep push of his cock in to her he spat into her open mouth as his cum was pumping into her pussy, she wrapped her arms around him gripping his naked body to hers as his warm cum filled her ruined pussy, then he pulled out and she was straight down on it, wrapping her mouth round it cleaning it and worshiping it with her tongue.One them was a teacher, the youngest in the school. " When I'd had enough of playing with her boobs I slid her skirt and panties down to join the ankle rope. I flipped her over to give her a good swat to the ass and that stopped her. She seemed to enjoy it, her moans becoming louder and shorter as she breathed heavily through her nose and moved her head around. She looked up at me with wide pleading eyes."PLEEFF! I turned the vibe on medium to get her more into it again. She flopped down, still and breathing heavily while I tried to keep from toppling myself. Feeling pretty good that I had the first of what would be a great harem, I cleaned off, quickly closed the shades and curtains, and had a snack while watching TV, thinking of the ways I'd train my new pet Mouse.... I came back to find Mouse trying to struggle feebly, but of course hadn't gotten anywhere.She had an average body, but a face I found cute despite her glasses and dark brown hair that I thought looked nice. I groped and smacked her ass to make her shout and even start to cry. She soon started to buck, then thrash, in her bonds, the noises she made telling me she about to come. Feeling the pressure build up in me, I turned it on high for her to once again thrash and writhe while making muffled yells. Target 1, Part 2 When I was done watching TV, I looked at a clock and was surprised at how much time had passed. I untied the rope holding her to the bed only retie her ankles.I am a handsome man of 72 yrs, tall, slender, fair complexion.Swedish girls are everything what you fantasize about.Shes a different girl when shes not half drunk, but when shes had a few drinks a stranger could come up behind her who shes never even seen, bend her over, lift up her dress, pull her knickers to the side and cum in her, then she sits on my face One night after a few glasses of wine while playing on the laptop i asked my girl if she would ever do swinging of fuck another man in front of me,i only really said it in a joke but to my supprise she said maybe, after more talking on the subject and more wine i asked in a jokingly way should we get a fella round and see were it goes, i was shocked to hear her say ok then but i am only sucking him there is no way he is touching me im not ready for that.


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