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Anyone can reply to #trend chats just the same way as replying to a regular chat message.

Regular chat conversations are unique to each website, but conversations in #trends are a collaboration of chats from users on ALL websites that use Go Chat.

For example, the goal of my slider message on the blog is to send people to a landing page so I chose “Link to a URL”, while the goal of Kevin’s slider message is to get people start a conversation and chat directly with him while they are on the pricing page.

Because these days, we can find out just about everything we need to know before making a purchase, and many times, we can buy things or get the information we need without ever having to talk to sales at all.“We implemented Drift on our website a few months ago and it’s not only been a good source of leads, it’s just generally allowed us to take a more human to human approach vs.

reach out to people — whether a sales rep wants to trigger a message to a lead who has just visited your pricing page for the third time, or you want to send out an NPS survey to customers on your Enterprise plan to see how your account managers have been doing.

For many, Skype is go-to tool for all things video chat.

As far as free tools go, it offers excellent quality without using up too much of your mobile data while on the go.

Key features: Video-calls, private and group IM, group video chats, file sharing and management, screen sharing and more What’s so great about it?

Most people will already have it installed, so you just need to swap usernames and you’re ready to go.


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