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In Drive, he plays a classic American loner whose job has become his name.

By day he drives stunt cars for low-budget Hollywood movies; by night he drives getaway cars for lowlife thieves.

It was very dumb and when NBC finally relented and told the showrunner to just do what he wanted, Landry’s dad drove his son’s murder car to the desert and set it on fire and literally no one on that show ever spoke of that storyline ever again. The sex worker teen and her abusive pimp and drug deals and guns and jail and drunk driving and vehicular homicide and all that.

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But as far as fit-for-purpose clothing goes, they are a nightmare, an absolute nightmare. With news in the last week that Paris has finally got round to overturning its 'legal archaeology' law forbidding women in trousers from worrying the city's oh-la-la image, and the announcement that South Korea’s human rights commission has urged the country’s second largest airline to abandon its policy of making women in the crew wear skirts, you might think we've seen the back of the skirt. Try and find a well-cut, flattering pair of trews (trousers) that doesn't cost the earth and you'll most likely come home empty handed.

Because not only are they easy for the fashion houses to churn out with minimal tailoring, they're easy to put on and wear.

This is not the same as being easy to work in, or walk in, or run in.

Let me tell you about Stef’s life before she met Lena.

She had a crush on her best friend Tess from high school and when the mood struck her she stole cars to go see Indigo Girls concerts. A normal person sees Stef’s haircut and immediately becomes gay. She does have a cute little son that Mariana is into. As long as he doesn’t interfere with her hobbies of dance team, coding, robot building, roller derby, and being the next Lois Lane. She’s fighting the board of Anchor Beach to keep Monte as the principal after Drew’s coup, which has now escalated to him stomping out free speech and surveilling the students and twirling his handlebar mustache and threatening to tie Mariana to some train tracks. Obviously he will go down in a blaze of glory, but it’s sad watching Lena be sad about it.


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