24 hour live couple web cam

The Academy's colony of African penguins () does just that, while helping educate thousands of visitors a day about their fascinating biology and plight in the wild.

Each bird in the exhibit wears a colorful wing band, which helps Academy staff and visitors quickly distinguish one bird from another.

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This camera complements an existing webcam at the Lake Oroville Visitor Center that allows the public to see the waterside of the Emergency Spillway and Oroville Dam.

You can access the Lake Oroville Spillway Webcam here and you can access the Lake Oroville Visitor Center Webcam here.

At every feeding a volunteer records what each bird eats, gathering data which helps biologists monitor the well-being of each individual.The camera is connected to a Linksys router which is connected to the Internet via DSL modem.View all Earth Cam IP Cam details and web cam specs.Scuffles over territory are common, and there is a definite social hierarchy within the colony.Through pointing (when a penguin lowers its body to the ground and point its beak at another penguin), biting, fighting and braying, dominant birds (usually older) establish a pecking order, and will literally put a juvenile bird in its place by chasing or herding if they feel challenged. Whatever the reason, penguins have a knack for capturing our hearts.


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