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If you’re currently serving, or have served in the UK Armed Forces, you can the Combat Stress free 24 Hour Helpline for confidential advice on your mental health problems and how to get help.If you are a family member or carer, you can use it too.You could talk to a friend, an adult you trust or one of our trained counsellors.

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I mainly play in bingo lite, and occasionally i will play in pulse or roulette.

The players in question would have been dealt with accordingly and our CM's have been trained to manage situations like these with tact and professionalism.

We hope this incident has not deterred you from continuing to play on our site.

The advisors on the Mind Infoline understand many different mental health problems and can direct people to support, self-help information and general information about particular mental health problems. My name’s Eddy Altmann and I’m a 19-year-old from North London.

I’ve just finished college and am heading to uni in Manchester.


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